Countertop Edge Profiles

Countertop Edge Profiles

An edge profile refers to the shape or contour of the edge of a countertop. It is a crucial design element when selecting countertops for your kitchen or bathroom, as it not only affects the appearance of the countertop but also its safety, functionality, and ease of maintenance. Edge profiles are created by shaping and finishing the edge of the countertop material.

The choice of countertop edge profile can significantly impact the overall aesthetic of your kitchen or bathroom. It’s important to consider the style of your space, your personal preferences, and the practicality of the edge profile when making your selection. Additionally, some edge profiles may be better suited to certain countertop materials. We can guide by reviewing your options to ensure a cohesive and functional design, and the right edge for your space.

Our Featured Countertop Edges

These are some common countertop edge profiles that we find most popular today, we can create different edge styles – reach out to us today so we can find the right countertop for your project!

Quartz Edges

Wood Edges

Porcelain Edges